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Noob (Newb)

May 29, 2009

Noob – slur, referencing another’s competence (newb) origin international/Internet Any significant time spent playing any online video game will net you a multitude of profane, racist slurs and this little gem. Noobs are players who are clearly new and unfamiliar with the game thus they play in a confused , chaotic manner. Players throw noob […]

Titstacle (Tits-ta-cul)

May 29, 2009

   Titstacle – noun, referencing tits (Think obstacle made of tits) origin – Venice beach Titstacles are those racks which defy logic & immediately draw your gaze. If you can’t understand why you’re struggling to look her in the eyes while her tits are boring holes in you – you’ve got a titstacle to overcome. […]

Nassatoll (Nas-sah-tahl)

May 26, 2009

*Tara Reid has nassatoll. Nassatoll – Compound Term, Referencing Female Anatomy – synonym of ass, butt, can, booty (Nah-sah-tall) Addendum after pronunciation – origin – “No-Ass-At-All” Nassatoll’s are common in packs of snobby white women groups, especially those that wander malls or dog parks. You can discern them from their friends by the complete lack of a […]

Ganga (Gain-Ga)

May 25, 2009

Ganga – Compound Term, Referencing Female Anatomy – synonym of ass, butt, can, booty (Gain-Gah) Origin – Gang-of-ASS, Gang-a-Ass Ganga’s are the ass champions of the female world. Their magnificent backsides bounce magically in too tight jeans, look incredible split by a thong or string bikini, and induce an immediate drool reflex in the men within […]