The Malephabet
An archive of all words male.

Fucked (Fuct)

fucked 3

Fucked – adjective

(Fuct) Origin – Universal, a key component of human expression prior to the advent of language.

*Fuck is one of the most flexible words in any language – in this iteration, fuck takes on a descriptive form in order to describe the state of something that’s gone all wrong.

1. You are fucked when you are completely out of options when faced with a problem that requires resolution.

2. To have been recently engaged in sexual intercourse, especially vaginal or anal intercourse.

3. What happens to you when you lose your job, or other primary source of income.

4. Fucked = crackhead without crack.


“Looks like Marilyn Monroe is getting fucked by Mr. Cartoon.”

fucked 2


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