The Malephabet
An archive of all words male.

Welcome to The Malephabet!

We are the ultimate lexicon of all words male. We will eventually welcome all of your recommendations for terms, phrases, abbreviations, and core competencies for every industry in every corner of the world that houses, employs, or requires men. For now, we are working diligently at creating words that will help you men out there rise to the fight you are facing down next.

Welcome to The Malephabet!


3 Responses to “Welcome to The Malephabet!”

  1. I am looking forward to the expansion of the malephabet as an informative guide to helping men everywhere. Thank you malephabet!

  2. Your site makes me giggle a lot. It’s really funny. But I don’t understand why it’s gendered. Almost every entry is in no way unique to those with a penis. I think a different title would make this blog? a lot more universally accessible. Perhaps douchabet?

    • Ben,

      So glad that the site makes you laugh – that’s a great compliment to us! The name came to us and it just stuck – it felt right. We write for everyone, but from our perspectives – which are partially constructed by our penises. This felt like another compelling reason to keep it named The Malephabet! We hope you’ll keep coming back and laughing with us though – and please, tell your friends.

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