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Crooked (Krook-id)

June 23, 2009

Crooked – adjective, describing another. Synonym of corrupt, devious, nefarious, treacherous, scandalous. (Krook-id) Origin – Ancient Sumeria, the cradle of civilization, and the birthplace of law. 1. Crooked fucks screw over business partners the world ’round. These pricks operate exclusively in terms of their own self-interests, especially when it comes to money or services rendered. […]

Crackhead (Crack-head)

June 8, 2009

Someone who is addicted to crack cocaine. Often times these addicts develop a nervous twitch, a sign their body is telling them it’s ready to reload on crack.  2. one who acts crazy in an odd fashion Example: “There’s too many crackheads living in the alley behind my house.” *Talent + crack = Amy Winehouse