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Grovel (Grah-vul)

June 26, 2009

Grovel – verb, describing another’s actions, especially in terms of begging. Synonym of beg, beseech, cower, crawl, bootlick, bow and scrape, brown-nose, butter up, cater to, court, eat dirt, eat humble pie, fall all over, humble oneself, implore, kiss one’s feet, kowtow, prostrate, snivel, stoop, suck up to. (Grah-vul) 1. Grovelling is the act of […]

Ganga (Gain-Ga)

May 25, 2009

Ganga – Compound Term, Referencing Female Anatomy – synonym of ass, butt, can, booty (Gain-Gah) Origin – Gang-of-ASS, Gang-a-Ass Ganga’s are the ass champions of the female world. Their magnificent backsides bounce magically in too tight jeans, look incredible split by a thong or string bikini, and induce an immediate drool reflex in the men within […]