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Knockers (Nok-ers)

June 30, 2009

Knockers is a term used to describe breasts large enough to collide with one another when in motion. For all you guys out there dating A-cups, sorry… those aren’t knockers… just teats. Now, if your honey has swayin’, swingin’, slappin’ boobies, you’ve got grade-A knockers on your hands, and in an ideal world, in your hands as well.



June 15, 2009

Know-It-All – adjective, referencing another’s personality synonym – brainiac, braggart, no-life-motherfucker, bookworm, arrogant prick (No It All) Origin – Italy. Probably made up by one of Leonardo DaVinci’s peers to get back at that know-it-all son-of-a-bitch. 1. Know-it-alls are the people that can’t keep their trap shut when you bring up a topic that piques […]