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July 9, 2009

Getting ripped-off is a painful experience, usually initiating the same grieving process that remaning family members experience after the loss of someone dear. The violation of personal space and the eerie funk that persists for a short in a house that’s been ripped-off or a car that’s been broken into can be unnerving; however, typically this is temporary, so ride it out and rebuild.


Rat Bastard

June 17, 2009

rat bastard – adjective, referencing another’s character synonym of cocksucking prick, dirty louse, prick douchebag, scumsucker, squealer, yellow-belly, two-faced ass-hat (Rat Bas-terd) Origin – Sicily – initially spoken in Sicilian, yet strangely enough – pronounced exactly the same as it is in English. 1. A rat bastard is a special breed of bastard, one that […]