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July 12, 2009

Triumph – noun/verb, describing the act of or moment of accomplishment or victory. Synonym of accomplishment, ascendancy, attainment, clutch, cinch, conquer, consume, feat, ftw, score, surmount, vanquish, win (Try-umf) Triumph is meant to represent complete victory. To be triumphant is to revel in the moment, and all moments subsequent, of domination over your opposition. The […]


June 18, 2009

Tool – adjective, referencing another. synonym of shallow, lackey, drab, dull, lame, boring, materialistic, patsy, chump, sucker, greenhorn, minion, puppet, pawn, peon. Some men can only define their meaningless lives through equally meaningless expressions of their entirely material existences – and the rest of us are left with the tool. You can spot tools from […]

Titstacle (Tits-ta-cul)

May 29, 2009

   Titstacle – noun, referencing tits (Think obstacle made of tits) origin – Venice beach Titstacles are those racks which defy logic & immediately draw your gaze. If you can’t understand why you’re struggling to look her in the eyes while her tits are boring holes in you – you’ve got a titstacle to overcome. […]