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Uber (oo-ber)

July 12, 2009

Uber – adjective, describing another’s ultimate capabilities or immunities. Synonym of epic, godly, unstoppable, juggernaut, freight train, unstoppable force, immovable object, inexorable, indivisible, supernatural, superhuman, supreme. (oo-ber) Origin – Scandanavia – descended directly from the Norse Gods that best represent uber-godhood. Uber is a term meant to describe the ultimate form of supremacy. Originally derived […]

Unanimous (U-nan-i-mous)

June 18, 2009

Unaminous (U-nan-i-mous) Unanimous – in total agreement. Unanimous is a synonym of accepted, accordant, agree, agreed, collective, assenting, combined, common, consensual. Unanimous is used much more frequently among men than one may imagine. When amongst friends, decisions sometimes are simply made in unanimous fashion. When the big game is on, it’s unanimous that all the […]