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Widowmaker (Wid-ow-mak-er)

July 28, 2009

Widowmaker – noun, describing an instrument of death. Synonym of annihilator, boomstick, demolisher, destroyer, obliterator. (Wid-ow-mak-er) Origin – These things leave people without their spouses. An item that extinguishes life in a particularly heinous or messy fashion, leaving affected families unable to visually identify the corpse. Widowmakers are often accompanied by overtly macho men, typically […]

White Trash (Wahyt Trash)

June 19, 2009

White Trash – adjective, referencing another. Synonym of trailer trash, tornado fodder, up-on-blocks (wahyt trash) Origin – The Confederacy White Trash spirals down the drainpipe of society as the rest of the world tries to flush the toilet on these poor bastards. Literally meant to point out the reduced social status of the white outcasts […]