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STFU (Shut The Fuck Up)

July 10, 2009

STFU – vulgar acronym, used to command another. Synonym of fuck off, get outta my face, talk to the hand, and back the fuck off. (Ess-Tee-Eff-Yoo) Origin – the internet spawned this lovely four letter acronym. This useful phrase plays an intricate role in one-sided arguments across the globe. Depending on the placement of emphasis, […]

Noob (Newb)

May 29, 2009

Noob – slur, referencing another’s competence (newb) origin international/Internet Any significant time spent playing any online video game will net you a multitude of profane, racist slurs and this little gem. Noobs are players who are clearly new and unfamiliar with the game thus they play in a confused , chaotic manner. Players throw noob […]