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Nerd (Nurd)

July 5, 2009

Nerds have become progressively more difficult to define as time has moved forward. In the 80’s, nerds were people that got deep into computers, technology, and generally everything else that their judgers take for granted these days. In the 90’s, nerds morphed into billionaire playboys; blinging out their pocket protectors, learning about the dangers of sex from someone other than mom or the bangbros, and really came into their own.



June 20, 2009

Zip-it-Up – Referencing a Female Sex Partner – synonym of dry, sandy, closed, sealed, clammed up. (Zip-it-Up) Origin – Los Angeles Usually your main squeeze, or your woman on the side, will Zip-It-Up on you when you lose a job, forget a major day, or generally neglect her. As the term suggests, this means you’re not […]